Mettler Toledo Checkweighers C1200-40/100

C1200-40/100 Series Caseweigher
Higher Output with DBOX Platform


• Flexible integration in production line
• Weight classification up to 3 weight zones
• Single-phase 230VAC or 3-phase 380VAC, 50/60 Hz, <1000VA

Product Details


DBOX Platform – Higher Output

Combining reliability and latest DBOX weighing
platform into a compact system, C1200-40/100 Series
Caseweigher offers state-of-the-art dynamic weighing
technology, covering a weighing range up to 100 kg –
with amazing throughput and unprecedented accuracy.
METTLER TOLEDO has developed the ESP (Equipment
Safety Process) to ensure the equipment meets the
safety needs of the customers around the world. We
build safety into our equipment and have qualified
our design personnel in the practice of both USA and
Europe safety standards.

Ideal for industry application, designed for

dynamic weighing with higher processing speed.


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MT Load Cell – OIML Certified
Top quality load cell for best

performance, guarantee a precise



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Safety – More than CE Certified
ESP (Equipment Safety Process) to satisfy
global safety requirement from both USA
and Europe.


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Efficiency – 5.7" Touchscreen
Enables multiple languages HMI, less
effort in training and quick access to


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Weighing terminal
• 40 products memories
• 5,7" high resolution color touchscreen
• Languages: English, Vietnam, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

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Global safety
• Emergency stop as standard
• CE compliance
• Guards appropriate for the application
• Safety circuits designed-in as required
• Safety with pressurized devices
• All rejecters are guarded with, at minimum, a shield-guard

• Fieldbus interface (incl. Modbus, Profibus-DP, Ethernet/IP)
• USB storage for individual weight data
• Statistics program (PrintStick, ticket printer)
• Reject verification (countercheck)
• Pressure monitoring device
• Weight data interface: RS232, Ethernet
• Rejecting devices (roller path, pusher)